Beau, the Sasquatch: Beau is Crow’s closest friend and confidant, a Sasquatch (Grassman Bigfoot) named Beauregard, “Beau” for short. He is eight feet tall and weighs four hundred pounds. We first see him, sitting in a beautiful, rainbow mist filled forest, by a shimmering lake in a beach chair wearing sunglasses. He is dressed in shorts and a tee shirt with an image of himself, dressed in a basketball uniform, prominently displayed on the front. Above his head on the tee shirt it reads — STOMP OUT — and under his outstretched big foot, about to be squished, is the word — BULLYING. He is also partial to casually dressing in a smoking jacket and tennis clothes. As a young boy, Beau was rescued by Talon, from one of the Monsterjunkies animal sanctuaries called Emerald Lake, located in the Canadian Rockies, after being found wondering, cold and alone in a blizzard. He was taken to recuperate to the Monsterjunkies’ estate, ‘Shadowmere,’ where he has lived ever since, becoming a welcomed member of the family and Crow’s most trusted confidant. He is extremely well educated, has excellent manors and learned English very quickly from videos that left him with a distinguished BBC British accent.

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The Monsterjunkie Graphic Novels An American Family Odyssey and Sanctuary!

THE MONSTERJUNKIES: GRAPHIC NOVEL Vol. 2 -Available from Insane Comics-

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