Thunder, the Pygmy Elephant (book excerpt): Thunder
Thunder made his way back to the cottage where Beau lived. Standing outside, he began his ritual thumping on the ground. From inside Beau’s bungalow, Larry spotted the pygmy elephant outside the window. “Hey, look! Is that a baby elephant out there? Whoa! Let’s go check it out!” “Yes, that’s Thunder. He’s a pygmy pachyderm not a baby anymore. C’mon, I’ll show you.” Excited to interact with a real elephant, the boys hurried out of Beau’s bungalow, with quick thank yous and goodbyes as Crow, the last one out, told Beau, “I guess we’ll have to continue this conversation at another time. Thunder has arrived and spoken!” “It’s actually a pygmy elephant from Borneo. We call him Thunder. Indigo is the one who named him. She began calling him Thunder after hearing him stomp his large feet. He immediately responded to the name. “He also loves bananas!” Indigo added. Thunder squeaked in appreciation and wagged his tail in delight. “Oh, you should know Thunder communicates by stomping his feet. You know, elephants talk to each other through different sounds and gestures. You’ll never believe it but Thunder totally jams on music. He loves the piano.” Thunder appeared delighted and made little squeaking noises, perhaps in appreciation or simply because he loved piano music. To the jazz renditions, he wagged his tail. Winter turned around on the bench and grabbed the miniature pachyderm after he caressed her back with his trunk.
The girls continued to roast marshmallows while Thunder strolled off into the bushes, thumping through a grove of willows and tall fescue grass. The weather in Maine was still warm enough for him to roam freely without needing the heated confines of his protected pen.  

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